History of Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah

In June, 1955 Judge David Atkinson of the Superior Court of Chatham County signed the order which created the Home Builders Association of Savannah. The Association started with 27 Charter members and today stands strong with more than 475 members. Since its inception, the Association has had 64 Presidents including our current President, Mr. Robert Flanders.

The Association has grown tremendously during the past 65 years. We now have more than 15 committees and councils. We have a Government and Regulatory Affairs Committee in addition to an Engineers and Developers Council who works directly with City and County officials to help shape the way developing will take place in the future.

In recent years the HBA has had many exciting developments. In 1998 we developed our Effingham Chapter and a few years later we developed our Bryan County Chapter. It was at that point that we legally changed the name of the Association to the Home Builders Association of Greater Savannah. In July of 2000 we moved into our brand new 4000 SF Office Building which houses our staff. The debt free building was built and paid for by the dedicated Members of our Association.


"I have built so many friendships that have led to much business from the HBA. The generosity that this association gave to me and my family when we needed it means so much!

I feel like the relationships that you build in this organization are what you put into it. The old saying you reap what you sow is true.Build the trust and friendships and the business will come!

I can’t imagine how or where my business would be without the family and friends I have grown to love here. The Home Builders Association of Savannah is just awesome! So glad to be a part of it!"

                                                                                                                                         Tracey Burdette, Renasant Bank


Past Presidents

2019 Matthew Johns            
2018 Fred Bricketto            
2017 Candler Wilson            
2016 Candler Wilson            
2015 Kevin Kirsch   1994 Steve Hall   1974 Charles L. Burnsed
2013 Mark Bouy – Served 15 Months   1993 Dale M. Johnson   1973 M. O. Lee
2012 Mark Konter   1992 Randall L. Davis   1972

Herbert R. Black

2011 Read Brennan   1991 Jerry Konter   1971 Inman O. Sanders
2010 Jerry Wardlaw   1990 Linn C. Burnsed   1970 W. James Smith
2009 Jim Walker   1989 Michael F. Ryan   1969

Alvin L. Davis

2008 Matthew Young                  1988 Elliott B. Simmons   1968 Thomas J. Beytagh
2007 Elizabeth Williams-Holley   1987 Roy Moore   1967 Bruce Remler
2006 Corde Wilson   1986 Stephen R. Thaggard, Jr.   1966

Henry B. Waters

2005 Jack Wardlaw   1985 Stephen R. Thaggard, Jr.    1965 Leroy Moore
2004 Stephen Remler   1984 William Lattimore, Jr.   1964 Troy A. Bouy
2003 Lamar Smith   1983 James T. Turner, Jr.   1963 W. L. Merriman, Jr.
2002 Fred Buck   1982

Thomas J. Beytagh, Jr.


John W. Ahern

2001 Hector Lopez   1981 James C. Wilson, Jr.   1961

James M. Sullivan

2000 William D. Fawcett   1980

E. Craig Meyer

  1960 Marshall Sturgess
1999 Alan K. Emerick   1979 Preston Gilmore   1959 Hugh Armstrong
1998 C. A. Griffin   1978 Murray S. Marshall   1958 Williard J. Teston
1997 Andrew J. Davis   1977 Charles M. Kilpatrick   1957 Cecil H. Mason
1996 Rande Duke   1976

James H. Snooks

  1956 Cecil H. Mason
1995 Jack Robertson   1975 Fred Williams, Jr.   1955 Clayton Powell


Past Associate Vice Presidents

2019 Mandy Grubbs      
2018 Kyle Whitty      
2017 Terri Sherman      
2016 Tracey Burdette      
2015 Janet Atwood Melton   2001 Beth Darieng
2013 Byron Loomis – Served 15 Months   2000 Bruce Peyton
2012 Tracey Burdette   1999 Mark Neville
2011 Byron Loomis   1998 Karen Martin
2010 Byron Loomis   1997 Deirdre Dowis
2009 John Bremer   1996 Pat Evans
2008 Ted Jones   1995 Cindy Roberts
2007 Ted Jones   1994 John Donnelly
2006 Terri Sherman   1993 Linda Lee
2005 Paula Mobley   1992 John Bremer
2004 Andrea Powell   1991 Ann Carroll
2003 Jeff Morton   1990 Woody Woodward            
2002 Marty Daniel                                             


Past Hall of Fame Recipients

2019 Mr. Fred Buck      
2015 Mr. Lamar Smith       
2012 Mrs. Beth Williams Holley                                   2004 Mr. Jerry Konter   
2011 Mrs. Paula Mobley   2003 Mr. Stephen Thaggard
2010 Mr. Harry Haslam   2003 Mr. Bill Effird
2009 Mr.  Walter Corish   2002 Mr. James C. Wilson, Jr.
2008 Mr. Edwin J. Feiler   2001 Mr. Alvin L. Davis
2007 Mr. Jack Wardlaw   2001 Mr. Bruce Remler
2007 Mr. Jerry C. Wardlaw   2001 Mr. E. Craig Meyer
2007 Mr. Murray Marshall   2001 Mr. Prestin Gilmore
2007 Mr. Steven H. Hall   2000 Mr. Michael F. Ryan
2007 Ms. Ann G. Carroll   1999 Mr. Troy Bouy
2005 Mr. Fred Williams, Jr.   1999 Mr. Bill Shearouse
2005 Mr. Louis C. Young Jr.   1999 Mr. Dale Johnson
2005 Mr. Woodrow Dykes   1998 Mr. Frank Cullum
2004 Mr. Tom Beytagh   1998 Mr. Clayton Powell
2004 Mr. Billy Herrin                                       1998 Mr. Leroy Moore